Emerging Entrepreneur finalist 2009

11 November 2009

In 2006, Khudu Pitje, a CA, approached Absa Capital a division of Absa Bank Limited about forming a BEE investment company, New GX Capital, whose core ethos would be active rather passive investor. The company is positioned as a value adding investor with very strong BEE credentials. The group focuses on investments and advisory services to create a sustainable business model.

Khudu was involved in a number of start -up businesses prior to his involvement in CIV and managed to create value for all shareholders. To date New GX is the only start up that Absa Capital has ever invested in which is a testament of his ability as an entrepreneur.

Overview of the World Entrepreneur Awards Programme 2009

The Emerging Entrepreneur category made its debut in 2005. These entrepreneurs have worked hard to build their business in the face of adversity, and their tenacity and determination is what is helping to fuel economic growth in South Africa.

The programme is designed to honour men and women whose exceptional achievements have made them the world’s most successful entrepreneurial business leaders. Entrepreneurship is about vision combined with hard work, breaking new ground or redefining old. Our award recipients run companies that will be the real business success stories of the future.

In South Africa, the awards programme provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the business leaders of this country – the people who have the potential to build the next corporate or future power company, who are dynamic, and who are challenging their own industries and markets. And who have made a difference in our country by turning an individual dream into the reality of wealth, job creation and benefits to their respective industries in growing South Africa as a whole.

The sponsors of this event have a long history of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and are dedicated to helping entrepreneurial growth companies succeed.

EY and First National Bank take special care to maintain exceptionally high quality standards in every facet of the programme – from the selection of the sponsors to the ultimate award celebration. This attention to quality, combined with EY’s and First National Bank’s commitment to the entrepreneurial marketplace, makes the South African Chapter of the EY World Entrepreneur Awards Programme the pre-eminent award programme of its kind.